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  • fine art storage

  • fine art storage

Fine art warehouse for the highest demands

Your secure fine art storage in Germany and worldwide via our partner network of certified art shippers: Rely on the experience of our specialists for the safe interim or long-term storage of your valuable exhibits. We store your artworks professionally, safely, and discreetly under the most sustainable, environment-friendly conditions possible.

Your art objects are in the best hands with the experts at Christ & Wagner:

  • Competent specialist staff / Access controls

  • Highest standards / Climate controlled for artworks of all kinds

  • Condition reporting / Inventory

  • Reliable object security / Video surveillance

  • Short and long-term storage / Bonded warehouse

  • Individual and collective storage / container storage

  • Outstanding service and support worldwide

Art collectors, gallery owners, museums, public institutions, and companies rely on our core competencies for the professional art transport of their valuable objects at home and abroad. We make art mobile worldwide – and are committed to providing optimal conditions if you want to store fine art safely and need a fine art storage facility for your exhibits that fulfils the highest international standards.

Works of painting, prints, photographs or sculptures find their safe fine art depot at Christ & Wagner. For the delivery and storing of artworks, we put our know-how from numerous projects on the line for our customers. Here we are supported by proven specialists and, in the case of exceptional projects, we are in direct contact with gallery owners, curators and restorers.

Contact us here or simply give us a call if you are looking for a fine art storage facility that meets your requirements. The Christ & Wagner team of specialists is at your side with confidence.  

We’re here for you.

Secure fine art warehouse for paintings and sensitive works of art

Works of art are sometimes extremely sensitive to external changes. This imposes special requirements on fine art warehouses in order to ensure the best possible conditions: we always store paintings, art prints and graphics or valuable photographs under controlled conditions that guarantee a constant climate and ideal humidity. Here we are able to identify deviations by means of intelligent technology and can thus guarantee monitoring of all necessary parameters.

For works of art that you would like to store safely for a short or long period of time, we can also provide you with customized art packaging on request that will protect your objects in the best possible way from damage, the effects of light, and prying eyes.

Storage & Services

A climate-stable and temperature-controlled art storage facility is not necessary in every case. In consultation with our clients and taking account into the individual requirements of the respective art object, we are guided in the selection of the right storage location. You can also rely on our logistics specialists to ensure professional art transport and delivery of your exhibits to be stored.

  • Warehouse

    Wind- and weather-protected high-bay racking and collection storage for your objects, which we are happy to store optimally in special storage systems, boxes, etc. Regardless of whether you prefer to manage your collection yourself or have every move made by us. For stone sculptures, our container storage also offers you sufficient space reserves under economic conditions. Of course, your objects in our depot are protected from access by third parties at all times.

  • Climate-controlled fine art storage

    For high-quality works of art that require sophisticated storage, professional art storage under controlled conditions is necessary. For optimal storage, we offer the best conditions with holistic monitoring of all necessary parameters: Protected from light with temperatures of 20 to 22 degrees Celsius and humidity between 50% to 55%. Naturally, our certified cooperation partners abroad (Europe, worldwide) also meet the highest standards for art storages.

  • Inventory

    We keep records for you and relieve you by logging all movements of your artworks. Our inventory lists provide you with orientation at all times so that you know which objects are currently in our art storage or when they were moved in or out of storage, for example. We can also record object-specific details such as material, type of packaging, dimensions, weights, etc. to make it easier for you to coordinate your objects.

  • Condition Reports

    For owners, lenders, buyers, and sellers of valuable exhibits, so-called “condition reports” are important documents for the contractual handling of sales or museum loan transactions. Condition reports document any previous damage and the current condition of the art objects before and after a planned transport movement.

  • Showroom

    Works of art can be photographed here under professional conditions for catalogue projects or for publication on websites. In addition to photographic work for documentary purposes for presentation, we also offer restorers and prospective buyers the opportunity to examine the objects in the art storage facility (showroom) – directly on site, in a discreet manner and without additional transport costs.


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