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  • fine art packaging

  • fine art packaging

The art of packaging for sensitive exhibits

With the right concepts for art packaging we at Christ & Wagner create the prerequisites for the safe transport of your valuable exhibits: our experienced fine art packers and art logistics specialists are committed to the best possible packaging solutions that meet all professional requirements at the highest level.

Art packaging that meets the highest standards – the specialists at Christ & Wagner are at your side:

  • Your wishes take center stage

  • Excellent advice and budgeting

  • Exchange with curators/restorers

  • Object-specific solutions

  • Individual custom-made packaging and crates

  • Climate-regulated transport systems

  • Packaging for large-format exhibits

  • Inventory of your artworks/collections

Secure and needs-based art packaging is a task for specialists: this is where the experience of our qualified experts in the field of art logistics is in demand. This basically includes suitable solutions for fine art packaging that do justice to the special characteristics of an art object, take into account the wishes of our clients and ensure safe transport at home and abroad as well as optimal preconditions for fine art storage.

At Christ & Wagner, we make the choice of the appropriate art packaging for an exhibit after a precise on-site inventory. Should it be necessary or desired, we will be accompanied by an art expert (restorer) in order to use the best possible option for packing and to ensure qualified management before and after an art transport, also at the destination.

From standard packaging to moisture-repellent, climate-regulated and shock-absorbing transport systems for works of fine art and sculptures, we offer you individual, customized solutions of the highest standard for the packaging of your valuable objects.

We’re here for you.

Crates for paintings

The best possible protection for art is offered by special types of packaging and systems such as shipping boxes for art, object boxes and travel frames as well as transport and climate-controlled crates for artworks. In special cases, such as large-scale wall paintings, picture cores are used for frameless art transport.

In order to optimally fulfil curatorial and restorative requirements, we use special climate-controlled crates or individually manufactured transport crates for very valuable paintings and fragile objects, which have proven their worth in museum logistics for art loans or the transfer of high-quality collections, among other things. A climate crate is the first choice when art packaging needs to ensure comprehensive protection against all environmental parameters (humidity, fire protection, light, temperature, etc.).

We’re here for you.

Packaging methods for art shipments

Rely on the core competencies of our experienced team of experts for art transports ranging from individual exhibits to complex museum projects. Christ & Wagner offers you professional packaging solutions for every art transfer regionally, nationally and worldwide that meet the respective requirements:

  • Soft packaging

    Tyvek, bubble wrap, foam edge protectors, glass tape, acid-free tissue paper, or cardboard packaging are standard for the protected shipping or storage of pictorial works and sculptures.

  • Travel frames and racks

    They provide lightness and stability, additional protection when transferring art in crates, transporting large-format artworks or serve to secure three-dimensional reliefs and sculptures.

  • Transport crates

    Specially made, dimensionally stable crates for paintings, graphics, photographs, and art objects for optimum protection against mechanical damage, dirt and moisture with special interior fittings to absorb shocks; inexpensive one-way crates for galleries and multi-use object crates for worldwide fine art shipping – of course IPPC certified.

  • Climate crates

    Particularly stable, custom-made high-end packaging for the highest demands and optimum protection (temperature, humidity, mechanical loads, etc.) in the field of museum logistics, such as for the shipment of valuable works on loan or the relocation of exhibits and collections. On request, our climate boxes are also equipped with shock and tilt sensors.

  • Picture cores

    “Picture cores” with a diameter of approx. 40 to 80 cm for the professional frameless transport of large-format pictorial works (paintings) serve to protect the canvas from compression and cracks on the surface.

  • Portal crane

    Mobile aluminum gantry crane for indoor and outdoor use, for example, for safe movement (dismantling and installation) and packing of particularly heavy, large-format exhibits and sculptures.


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